Friday, 14 October 2016



Dimeji Macaulay
Secretary, SPN FCT Chapter

Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) Federal Capital Territory (FCT) Chapter condemn in strong terms the continued demolition of houses, attaché and garden by the Abuja Development Plan, an agency under the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). 

It leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the affected person for the federal government to demolish houses built with hard earned money. More pathetic is the fact that this demolition exercise by Buhari-led federal government was carried out within just 24 hours’ notice and with no alternative accommodation for the victims.

Many owners of houses and shops were shocked to receive quite notice that their houses or shops would be demolished in the next 24 hours for reasons not well described to them, but generally tagged as illegal erection of houses, shops and attachments. This attack on the poor is adding insult to the existing injury. Many of the shop owners are poor people trying to engage in one economic activity or the other to make both ends meet. This attack will leave many of the affected people jobless, hereby compounding an already bad economic condition of the poor and the working class. It is not only a fact that over 70% of Nigerians live on less than 1 dollar per day, the country is in recession that has had devastating economic consequences on the vast majority.

For instance a big garden called REDSPARROW Event Centre in Maitama was demolished; this is a garden that was just completed less than two years ago with about fifty staff. Similarly, this callous demolition includes many houses around Wuse 2 in Abuja, as many other houses and shops also being marked for demolition for reasons not know yet by many of the affected persons. However, what we gathered was that some of the owners of the houses and shops demolished were told that the houses and shops built are not in accordance with what is on the building plan.

The FCT authorities are largely to be blamed because they failed to follow up on the builders to ensure that they comply with building plan, apparently after money has changed hands officially and unofficially. More fundamentally, the fact is that the FCT authorities and government at all levels have failed to lead and give direction on how to move the economy of the nation forward and surrendering to the profit-first private sector that lacks the capacity to build decent and affordable houses for the working masses.
We in the SPN are opposed to this attack because it will increase the already high level of unemployment and cause more social-economic dislocation; thousands will be losing their job, means of livelihood and assets as fallout of this ugly development.

It is our contention that the federal government through its elitist policies wants to turn the Federal Capital Territory into a place that only the rich and cohorts of ruling class can leave.

We demand an end to the ongoing demolition and adequate compensation to be paid to the owners of the affected houses, shops and attachments so far demolished. We shall support all actions to resist this attack including political and legal battle.

We call on all the affected persons to form a coalition and resist further demolition and demand payment of adequate compensation. We call on the organized trade unions to lead these affected people to end this attack and get justice.  

Thursday, 8 September 2016

Unpaid Salaries and New Minimum Wage: Labour Must Declare a 24 Hour Warning General Strike Now!


The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) welcomes the expression of interest by the national leadership of Nigeria Labour Congress (NLC) to begin agitation immediately over the demand for N56,000 new minimum wage as contained in the speech of the NLC President Ayuba Wabba at this year's Rain School organized by the Congress. We however call on them to match their words with action by coming out with concrete program of actions that would help win the demand. 

As reported in the media, the NLC President rightly noted that a new national minimum wage is not only long overdue but also that the purchasing power of workers has been seriously eroded by rising inflation and anti-poor policies of the government. He also lamented the lack of seriousness on the part of government towards beginning a process of negotiation of a new national minimum wage with formation of tripartite committee of government, private employers and labour. 

He was however reported to have warned the workers never to expect their demands to be achieved easily, adding that their interest could only be protected through collective struggle and agitations.
For this not to pass as another example of hot air by labour leaders, what NLC should do immediately is to declare a 24-hour general strike and begin a serious mass mobilization for action before and after such a strike. However, the demands of such warning strike must not be limited to increase in the minimum wage alone but also include unpaid salaries, pension arrears and job losses. 

As much as desirable and badly needed an increase in salaries for workers, it may be difficult for the NLC to mobilise mass support for a new minimum wage if workers are owed a backlog of current salaries running to several months, placed on half salaries or face retrenchment without serious fightbacks. 

On unpaid salaries, the NLC President was quoted to have said: "We have decided after meeting with state councils and unions that where we have liability of three months of either salaries, pension or gratuity, you must be seen to start an action, we will be there to support you."

Unfortunately, this decision is a continuation of a weak commitment towards the struggle over unpaid salaries and pension arrears by the national labour leadership. The problem is not so much about lack of actions including strikes at state levels, but the isolation of those struggles which make them win little or nothing. For instance, Oyo state workers went on strike and massive street protests for seven weeks but could only win payment of two months' salaries out of seven month' arrears.

About 27 states are said to owe salaries and pensions, instead of leaving each state leadership of workers to their own devices, the struggle must be centrally coordinated by the NLC with a series of mass activities including national strike and rallies. 

There can be no doubt that the country is facing a grave economic and social crisis. But this is not the result of anything that the working people and poor have done, the perilous situation stems from a crisis in the capitalist system combined with the determination of the ruling class to defend its own power and wealth. The media is dominated by talk of the "recession", but working people must not be intimidated into thinking nothing can be done. Buhari has asked for "emergency powers" to deal with the crisis, but working people cannot trust pro-capitalist governments to act in their interests. 

It is working people and the poor who need to take "emergency" action themselves to defend and improve our already meagre living standards. As a start we strongly hold that despite decline in oil revenues state governments can still pay workers' salaries and implement viable projects if they cut the salaries and allowances of political office holders, stop wastages of resources and end all anti-workers/poor policies. But this will only be achieved by determined struggle. The NLC, TUC and trade union leaders have a responsibility to initiate such a battle. The ranks of labour have to demand that the challenge of seriously fighting to defend our living standards is taken up by this leadership or, if they are not prepared to do so, by one that will strive to build a mass fightback.

Chinedu Bosah
National Secretary, SPN

Monday, 29 August 2016

Oyo State: No to Anti-People Tax Regime


The Socialist Party of Nigeria, SPN, Oyo State Chapter warns and cautions the Abiola Ajimobi-led government against harassment, arrest and prosecution of poor workers, traders and artisans under the pretence of an anti-people regime of taxes. This is reportedly aimed to realise projected internally generated revenue, IGR of 5billion Naira. 

The state government revealed recently through the Special Adviser to the Governor, Mr Biyi Oloko, and Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism, Toye Arulogun that it’s set to commence an enforcement and prosecution of every citizen who fails to comply and support the government’s revenue generation drive through payment of taxes and levies.

This report which was published in the 12th August, 2016 edition of the Nation newspaper also has it that the provision of infrastructural facilities like roads, security, education and health care needed to facilitate the growth of the state will not be realised except citizens pay their levies and taxes.

As much as it is true that state needs sufficient revenue to be able to fulfil its constitutional obligations like provision of infrastructure and social services to the citizens, it is largely untrue and blackmailing for government to continue to give a false impression that the absence and collapse of infrastructures and social services in the state is because poor people don’t pay tax.

 As a matter of fact, the working and poor people are already overtaxed as a result of  government anti-poor policies of privatization and attendant mass retrenchment, commercialization of education, health and other social services; collapsed infrastructure, among others. It is a known fact that every Nigerian household is a government on its own; generating their own electricity, water, medical service, etc. Even, people now construct their own roads. Sadly, the cost of education and health has made many people turn to medieval solutions, religion centres and native doctors.

 As long as payment of tax is meant to be a reward of good governance, Oyo SPN will continue to insist that Ajimobi-led government lacks moral capacity to arrest or prosecute any worker or poor traders who have been so impoverished and deprived of the capacity to pay tax. It will be irresponsible and insensitive of Ajimobi-led government, which has failed to bring any meaningful development to the state despite the huge sums at its disposal at a period of economic boom to begin to harass or arrest victims of its misrules and bad governance for their inability to pay tax.

Senator Ajimobi/APC-led government should instead focus its searchlight and direct its anger mostly at gang of thieving ruling elites who are perpetrators and beneficiaries of looting of public treasury; tax avoidance; and tax holidays that often responsible for why monies that should have been used to improve on infrastructure and provide social services often found their ways into private pockets of dubious contractors and top government functionaries.

SPN blames these few dubious contractors and their collaborators in government for absence and collapse in infrastructure and social services by extension the inability of the working people to pay taxes. It is in the light of this that SPN emphatically demands a progressive taxation which will make the rich to be taxed more than the poor as well as open investment of the proceeds in the area of need of the people like roads, schools, hospitals which are currently in a deplorable condition.

SPN also condemns the anti-people arrangement whereby, 30% of the state IGR is awarded to individuals who masquerade as private firm in charge of the collection of the IGR. This dubious Public Private Partnership, PPP, is a way of siphoning public resources by a few rich individuals. It must be stopped while all the necessary public agencies that are statutorily in charge of the collection and remittances of tax and IGR must be empowered, properly funded with adequate incentive to its personnel for an effective performance.

Yes, there is a decline in monthly allocation compared with previous years. Nevertheless, SPN holds that there is enough resources to pay salaries and pensions and implement some developmental project and social services. For instance, the June 13, 2016 edition of Vanguard newspaper reported that Ajimobi-led government received over N84billion between May 2015 and June 2016. This is a confirmation to the fact that the reason Oyo State government continue to fail to bring any meaningful improvements to the life of its citizens is not because it is broke but as a result of a self-serving resolve to maintain the outrageously high salaries and allowances as well as opulent lifestyle of the political office holders and its acolytes in business.  

 Even if the government denies receiving N84bn in a year, we still hold that the state has enough resources for salaries, pensions and developmental projects.  This is why SPN will continue to demand that the governor should scrap his security votes and also stop corrupt practices, wastages and inflation of contracts, high cost of governance in order to free up resources for developmental projects and wellbeing of workers, masses and students.  

 Except and until the menace of looting of public treasury; tax avoidance by the rich and ruling elites; tax holidays for private companies (multinational and local) and the general symptom of capitalism like corruption, inflation of contracts is curbed, any additional resources at the disposal of the state government will not only fail to translate into any meaningful development in the life of the toiling masses but will also always end up in trying to satisfy the insatiable looting thirst of the capitalist ruling class.

This why SPN continues to hold that only a government run on a socialist programme  including democratic control and management of public resources by working people is capable in  ensuring that the entire resources of the society  are allocated to meet the needs and expectations of the generality of the society.

  Bamigboye Abiodun (Abbey Trotsky)
 The state secretary,

Tuesday, 9 August 2016



* TUC and JNC failure to join the seven weeks struggle of the NLC undermined workers solidarity
* TUC, NLC and JNC must be united in struggle for immediate payment of all salary/pension arrears and to defeat the looming retrenchment of workers under restructuring policy of the APC-led government in the state!
The Oyo State Chapter of Socialist Party of Nigeria, SPN agrees with the leadership of the Oyo State Chapter of Trade Union Congress, TUC and Joint Negotiating Council, JNC over the statement that the MOU signed by the leadership of the Nigeria Labour Congress, NLC on Monday, 25th of July 2016 as a basis upon which its seven weeks old strike was suspended is “inimical to the future of workers in the state”.

The Tuesday, 2nd August, 2016 edition of the Nation newspaper reported that the Oyo State chairman of TUC, Comrade Andrew Emelieze “condemned in strong term the agreement between Oyo Government and NLC”. According to the TUC chair, the agreement is a fraud and that TUC will not be part of it as the agreement is inimical to the future of workers. On his own part, the Chairman of the Joint Negotiating Council, JNC, Comrade Emmanuel Ogundiran also berated the MOU and lamented that his jurisdiction has been encroached as was claimed in the report that he was not carried along as the chairman of JNC in the process that led to the agreement signed. 

SPN agrees to some of these sentiments. First, the MOU signed by the labour leaders is at variance with the minimal demands of the striking workers. Except for the withdrawal of litigations filed against the labour leaders by the state government, other demands of the workers which included immediate payment of at least 3 out of the 6 months’ salary owing when the strike started in June and pension arrears; reversal of the decision to sell off some public schools; adequate funding of the education sector including payment of living wages and other incentives for educational workers were completely missing in the so called MOU.

Secondly, the labour leaders suspended the strike after signing the MOU without recourse to the congress of the striking workers where government proposals could have been democratically discussed and resolved upon. Actually an emergency congress was held on the very same day the agreement was signed but the workers were kept in the dark. Instead, the labour leaders kept assuring workers up to the time they left for the meeting with the state government that no agreement would be signed until the congress approved one and that they should not believe any news outside the directive given at the congress.

The SPN condemns this kind of top-down, autocratic method and approach of the NLC labour leadership which unfortunately is typical of many trade union leaders, including those in JNC and TUC. However, it is also important to say, that the attitude of both JNC and TUC also contributed to the weakness of the struggle and so-called rotten deal. Take for instance, the TUC and JNC leadership did not only refuse to mobilise their members to join the seven weeks olds strike embarked upon by the NLC members but also publicly dissociated itself from both strike and the anti-privatisation rally that led to the arrest; subsequent detention and arraignment of the labour leaders by the Senator Ajimobi-led APC government in the state. 

If the above-stated seemingly “radical” position of the TUC and JNC against the signed MOU is anything to go by, it therefore means that the rotten MOU signed by the NLC would have been otherwise and correspond to the expectation and aspiration of mass of workers in the state should they have aligned themselves with the NLC struggle that lasted for seven weeks despite all government gimmicks to deprive the struggle of the mass of the public support it enjoyed throughout the period it lasted.

It is in view of this, that SPN insists that, the refusal of the TUC and JNC to join the NLC in the struggle against non-payment of salaries and pension arrears is also responsible for the rotten deal signed by the NLC leadership despite the commendable determination exhibited at the early stage of the struggle.  

This is why SPN, in order to end the prevailing ugly trend whereby determined struggles end in seemingly compromised call on the leadership of TUC, NLC and JNC to bury their ego and forge a united struggle on the basis of the collective interest of the entire workers in the state regardless of union in order to be able to force the state government to pay all backlog of unpaid salaries and pension.

Otherwise, the extra five days ultimatum recently issued by the TUC leadership in the state after the expiration of the 15 days ultimatum earlier issued to the state government to pay all outstanding arrears with interest and the planned mass action scheduled to hold on Monday August 8, 2016 may also fail to yield any result.

  Bamigboye Abiodun (Abbey Trotsky)
State Secretary, SPN Oyo Chapter