Thursday, 1 October 2015

NIGERIA AT 55: Working People Must Fight for a Genuine Socialist Change

 The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN), Lagos State Chapter felicitates with Nigerians on this year's occasion of the 55th Anniversary of the flag Independence of Nigeria from British colonial rule. However, the occasion also offers the opportunity to ask: to what extent, if any has the fate of the poor and working masses been bettered under the successive regimes that have come to power since 1960? The current President Muhammadu Buhari-led All Progressives Congress Federal Government came to power on the crest of “big promises” to transform the current spate of mass unemployment, insecurity, corruption and looting. However, while we have seen spate of “probes” into former political office holders, the problem of corruption remains persistent.

Thus far, what we have seen is an attempt by the Buhari's All Progressives Congress (APC), Federal Government to use the “anti-corruption” show trials as a smokescreen from the pressing issue of resolving the socio-economic crisis that the entire capitalist ruling elite has dragged the mass of working people into. The APC, which is the party that largely all the elements in the Buhari government is drawn from is peopled by the same-of-the-same anti-poor politicians who openly advocate neo-liberal policies of privatization, commercialisation and deregulation or  members of Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) whose 16 years in government were a monumental failure. Working people must not be hoodwinked into the false propaganda that the Buhari government offers a permanent panacea to the myriads of economic crisis bedeviling them but step up the struggle for fundamental improvement in their socio-economic conditions.

The state of affairs under the Ambode-led All Progressives Congress, Lagos State Government for the mass of the working people in Lagos State has not changed for the better. Under the outgone Fashola-led government, several draconian laws of Lagos State were passed by the Lagos State House of Assembly that criminalise the poor and the unemployed. The current Ambode-led administration is outdoing the former regime in implementing these draconian laws. The “Kick Against Indiscipline” and Monitoring and Enforcement Taskforce of Lagos State are the two vicious of the agencies of Lagos State Government that unleash attacks on democratic rights of the poor and unemployed.
            It has become the major occupation of these two agencies to arrest ordinary citizens at random and charge to court for wandering and joblessness without the right to fair hearing! In the first place, the Ambode-led Lagos State Government is not making any practical efforts to create jobs for the millions of unemployed people in Lagos while also harass petty traders who strive to eke out a living and impound their wares. This anti-poor government is quick to arrest, try and jail these ordinary Nigerians while failing in their responsibility to create jobs for the working masses.
            We of the SPN is convinced that ordinary people in the communities must organise mass actions against these attacks on their democratic rights. We hold that the actions of the Ambode-led Lagos State Government cannot be separated from the anti-poor and pro-rich “Megacity” for the “Mega-rich” project, which the APC has been implementing in stages for the more than sixteen years it has been in power in Lagos State.

What is urgently needed is a political mass fight-back of ordinary workers and youth. The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) is prepared to lead this mass fight-back in the immediate period. We enjoin you to join SPN today and be part of a political movement of ordinary workers and youth who are taking their fate in their hands to transform the current mass penury amidst plenty into a better life for all.

SPN Leaflet circulated in Lagos on October 1, 2015 to mark Nigeria Independence