Monday, 21 January 2019

2019 Elections: SPN Ajegunle canvases support of ENL/Terminal dockworkers

Comrade Moshood Oshufurewa SPN candidate addressing the workers
On Saturday January 19 over 50 sacked workers under the auspices of the ENL/Terminal Dock Workers Forum  gathered at the Nigeria Union of Teachers hall at Oregie Oja, Ajegunle to review their struggle against the management of ENL, a maritime company, and advance the way forward.
On Wednesday 23 January, 2019  the first hearing of the 688 Dock workers versus ENL case will come up. 
Members of SPN and DSM in Ajegunle have been supporting the workers with various  solidarity actions since the struggle started.
Gerard (leader of the group) address its members on the three years struggle they have been into since March, 2016.

According to Gerard, the management has recently filed  its  defence to the Industrial Court over this matter. In addition, he reported the new Collective Bargaining Agreement signed and published in This Day December 21, 2018.
The SPN candidate for Lagos House of Assembly representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun 2 comrade Moshood was given the audience by the workers.  He spoke on the need to support SPN electorally and also why workers should join the party to collectively build it as a working people political alternative.
Coming together as working people is a  fundamental step towards  wresting power from the hands of the capitalist elites which are responsible for the privatization of the Nigerian Sea Port and the economic at large inflicting hardship on people.
Other members of SPN  including Dagga Tolar who were also at the meeting spoke and encouraged the workers to join SPN. Not only as members but to give active support to put an end on the rise of poverty, suffering and hunger under the system of inequality.
Dagga Tolar addressing the workers
The new SPN flyer with the campaign program  was also circulated in the meeting . 
The meeting was use as an opportunity to invite all the dock workers to attend the SPN Declaration/Kick off Rally that was to take place the following day Sunday 20/1/2019.
SPN calls on all workers, artisans, traders, youths and the masses in Ajegunle and beyond  to support the party's activities and join the in order to build the Socialist Party of Nigeria as a mass fighting party on a socialist program to end the iniquitous capitalist system and build a better society.
Join DSM to build SPN. Socialist Change is possible.
Davynovich Fidel

Wednesday, 16 January 2019

2019 Elections: SPN Ifo Intensifies Campaign Activities

Last week the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) Ifo Chapter Ogun State held two campaign rallies to canvass for election of comrade Hassan Taiwo Soweto as member of Ogun State House of Assembly, Ifo constituency 2. 

On Monday January 7 the campaign rally went through  Akute, Isasi, Alagbole and Ajuwon while it was the turn of Okearo and Agbado areas of the state.

 So far the campaign which was flagged off on December 15, 2018 with a mass rally has covered three out six wards in the constituency. It has addressed mass of people including traders, artisans, youths, community people at various rallies and public meetings in addition to door-to-door campaigns. Tens of thousands of handbill, written in English and Yoruba, articulating a clear and alternative program of how to fight to bring developments to the constituency with social and physical infrastructure in a terribly poor state  

Everywhere the campaign has visited, we could feel the palpable anger against the capitalist status quo represented by APC, PDP, APM and ADC and a burning desire for an alternative.

Tuesday, 15 January 2019

2019 Elections: SPN Continues Door-to Door Campaign in Alimosho

Members of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) campaigned in Alimosho on a door-to-door mobilisation in Aboru/Akinola/Pleasure area of Alimosho Lagos. The campaign was well received by many. Comrade Chinedu Bosah is the candidate for Alimosho Constituency 01, Lagos State House of Assembly Election. 

Some who initially demanded money to support the party did not only retreat after getting to know about SPN manifesto but also showed interest to join. Some of the people  were visibly happy since SPN is challenging other bourgeois political parties. 

Nine persons showed interest in the party and put down their names and phone numbers for further discussion.

Aside circulation of the SPN fliers, Chinedu/SPN campaign posters were posted in the Community. Unlike APC and other bourgeois parties whose supporters destroys opposition posters (SPN as well) and post theirs, we posted side by side other posters, we are showing these parties how politics are conducted. 

We have been on campaign trail since early December 2018 without any rancour, hence the ruling elite in Lagos and APC should learn from SPN.
Join the Campaign, Join and Build SPN, Rescue Nigeria.



January 10, 2019
                                                       PRESS STATEMENT

The Socialist Party of Nigeria condemns the bloody violence that happened at the APC flag off rally on the Tuesday 8th of January 2019 in Lagos State to support their gubernatorial candidate; Babajide Sanwoolu and all other candidates of the party. It is a shame that a party that can hardly organize a campaign rally wants to continue to govern Lagos! We condemn this violence because it is largely ordinary poor persons and the masses, who were lured into the rally, that were used as cannon folders in the supremacy political battles and not the privileged party bigwigs who are the orchestrators of violence and are heavily guarded by the security apparatus of the state at the expense of the taxpayers.

Despite the heavy security presences at Sky Power Ground, it was shocking to see the sky of the event painted with bullets from party loyalists, members and supporters. As reported in the media, one person died and several persons were injured including journalists and some seriously stabbed.
How could they bypass the heavily armed security personnel with all the displayed weapons if they were not party loyalists who were allowed free access due to the influence they wield in the party?

We must not forget that similar violence characterized the APC ‘primaries elections’ across Lagos State wherein guns and other dangerous weapons were freely used. Similarly, APC supporters/members in Lagos have been tearing and bringing down opposition political parties' posters and other campaign materials, particularly campaign materials of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN). This underlines the fact that the politics of APC just like the PDP and some other bourgeois parties in Nigeria is largely anti-people/masses.

APC party bigwigs cannot disassociate themselves from the mayhem that happened on Tuesday because the mayhem contractors get funding and economic motivation from the ruling elite in Lagos.
We implore the youths to eschew all forms of violence in the defense of corrupt politicians who have nothing to offer the generality of the masses. We call on the Nigerian youths to join the SPN and participate in politics of rescuing this country and stop becoming bell boys to the enemies of the masses.


Soyombo K. Monsuru
Publicity Secretary
SPN Lagos Chapter

2019 Elections: SPN Ajegunle Holds Community Meeting

On Saturday January 12, members and supporters of SPN at Ugbekwankwo street Ajegunle (one of the streets where DSM had intervened in No Payment for Darkness electricity campaign) gathered to discuss how to win support for party in 2019 election,  building of SPN and how to spread the socialist idea both in the campaign and after. 

More than 25 persons were in attendance and majority of them were women. The SPN candidate for Lagos House of Assembly representing Ajeromi Ifelodun II: Comrade Moshood Oshunfuurewa known as HO2 addressed the audience about the need of voting and joining SPN in order to build a formidable political alternative of the masses. 

The campaign leaflet of SPN was massively circulated within and outside the meeting. The meeting was equally used to inform all ofthe SPN Declaration /Kick off Rallywould take place this weekend at the same place. Details will be released later. 

SPN calls on friends and supporters who are yearning for genuine representatives of workers, youth and masses at the parliaments to kindly support the aspiration of SPN.  You can donate to the party account with following details:


Your N200, N500, N1000 etc will do more in building a better society that is only possible on the basis of socialist alternative 

By Fidel Davynovich