Thursday, 14 March 2013

Join and Build SPN: Special Leaflet for Circulation in River and Bayelsa States



Are you angry with the condition of things in Nigeria? Are you annoyed with the corruption of the looters we call our leaders? Are you angry that more than 28 million youths of our country have no jobs? What about the issue of electricity, does it vex you? Do you feel angry that in this country, those who work suffer while some who because they are highly placed and privileged and do not work get rich?
What about the fact that over 70% of Nigerians are poor, does it vex you? Do you feel things are not going on well in this country? Do you want change? A radical change that will bring to power a poor people government that can ensure that Nigeria's huge human and natural resources is used to benefit all of us.

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) is a new political party. If you are a worker, market man or woman, okada rider, bus driver and conductor, student/youth, trader, fisherman, artisan etc., in short if you are a poor Nigerian, the SPN is your party. It is a party that will represent your interest. It is a party that will join you to fight against oppression. This is your party. Other political parties represent only the interests of the rich but the SPN is the only political party that stands for the interest of poor Nigerians.

Join SPN today so that together we can fight to bring change to our dear country. Change can only come when all poor men and women, workers, students, traders, fishermen in Nigeria come out to say No to Oppression and Yes to Socialism!


If you join us and our candidates are voted into office, the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) will bring a lot of changes to this country. This will include:

(a)Free, publicly run, good quality education, available to all at any age.
(b)Free medical care for all.
(c)Provision of welfare benefits for the unemployed, sick and elderly
(d)Ensure workers, youth and women participation in the day to day policy making/implementation program of our nation
(f) Youth empowerment, infrastructural/capital development and eradication of poverty.
(g )Good governance, justice, equity and peace

(a)Monthly minimum wage of N50, 000 with periodic increases to match the rate of inflation.
(b)Opposition to retrenchment and casualization. A decent job on a living wage for those that need job while unemployment benefits are paid to those yet to get employed.
(c)Living pension for retired workers .Opposition to private pension scheme. Democratically run pension funds administration committees having elected representatives of workers and pensioners.
(d)Scrap the anti-trade union laws! For fighting trade unions democratically-controlled by their members. Full-time union leaders to be regularly elected and receive no more than a worker's  wage.

(a) Provision of adequate and efficient drainage system and well-planned housing policies to prevent flooding
(b) Stop oil pollution and gas flaring. We shall not hesitate to take legal and political actions against any company causing oil pollution or flaring gases
(c) We shall ensure immediate and comprehensive clean-up of all polluted farmlands, fishing ponds/rivers and water as well as pay adequate compensation to victims of pollution
(d) We shall also to pursue environmental policies that can fully guarantee the safety of lives, water, farmlands, fishing ponds/rivers and ensure food security. This will include the public ownership of the oil sector under public democratic control and management

Public ownership of the country's vast resources and wealth including oil and gas, banks and nationalization of all other commanding heights of the Nigeria economy under the democratic management and control of the workers/experts, community people to ensure accountability and transparency in order to adequately utilize the resources to meet the needs of all in terms of providing adequate housing, education, health, good roads and other basic infrastructure.

March 2013

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