Tuesday, 2 April 2013


* A radical programme of massive investment in public utilities will guarantee gainful employment for youths

The attention of the Oyo State Chapter of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) has been drawn to the recent threat publicly issued by Senator Abiola Ajimobi- the Oyo State Governor; in his speech delivered through his representative, Alhaji Tajudeen Aremu, the Head of Service at the three-day induction courses  for the newly recruited administrative and social welfare officers into the state civil service, to immediately sack any of the newly recruited employee who is caught hobnobbing with politicians.

We of the SPN absolutely frown at this statement as it represents a continuous attempt by the ACN-led government in the state to further the intimidation which every successive capitalist parties-led government in the state often times carry out against civil servants from preventing them in exercising their fundamental and democratic human right to freedom of association and lawful assembly as guaranteed in the section 40 of the 1999 constitution of the Federal republic of Nigeria (FGN).

Take for instance, the Supreme Court judgment in the case of INEC VS MUSA and OTHERS [2003], held further on the validity of INEC guideline to whether or not a civil servant can be a registered member of a political parties. According to Muhammed Uwais, former Chief Justice of Nigeria (RTD) on page 92 thereof "the provisions of section 40 of the constitution are very clear. The import is "every person" including public office holders and civil servants……since section 40 of the 1999 Constitution has specifically allowed every person the right to assemble and associate with any other person in order to inter-allia form or belong to any political party for the protection of his interest, I hold that both the provisions of section 79 subsection (2) (c) of the Electoral Act, 2001 and guideline No. 5(b) are inconsistent with the Constitution."

Given this background, it is very clear that every person including public servants can form or belong to any political party for the protection of his or her interest. In light of this we of SPN hereby call on Ajimobi/ACN-led administration in the state to immediately reverse its earlier decision to sack any of the newly recruited administrative and social welfare officers as well as other public civil servants in the state who may be interested, either now or in future, in forming or belonging to any political party of their choice.

The idea of absorbing 58 members of the Youth Empowerment Scheme of Oyo State popularly known as YES-O into the state civil service is indeed a welcome development. However, this is just a token in resolving the unemployment problem facing Oyo State in particular and the country as a whole. Take for instance, at the launch of YES-O programme in 2011, over 350,000 youths applied for job opportunity under this scheme within 23 days while only 20,000 of them were taken without any plan for over 330,000 that could not be employed.

Therefore, to permanently curb the growing rate of unemployment in our society requires  a radical programme of massive investment in establishment of industries; mechanizing agriculture as well as setting-up agro-allied industries; expanding health care and educational facilities; empowering the work department to be in complete charge of rehabilitation and construction of roads, housing and bridges.

But as long as Ajimobi/ACN -led government like its predecessors remain pro-capitalist in nature where top government/party officials are real time parasites and contractors, the idea of state massive investment in social infrastructures and economic investment that can guarantee and secure adequate jobs for all unemployed able-bodied youths will remain a pipe-dream..

This is the reason we of the SPN often maintain that only a government formed on the basis of a socialist programme where the commanding heights of the economy is nationalized and placed under the democratic control and management of the working people with the elected officers taken wages not more than that of average civil servant. Only such a government can be truly and genuinely committed to investing the resources of the society in social infrastructures and basic social services like health and education through which adequate jobs opportunities can be created for youths.

In light of this, the SPN hereby calls on workers, students, unemployed youths and artisans among others in Oyo State to join us and let us build a genuine socialist alternative to the vicious cycle of misery and nightmare of current iniquitous, anti-poor capitalist system being represented and defended by Ajimobi/ACN-led government as well as other capitalist governments across the country.

Abiodun Bamgboye
Protem Secretary Oyo State Chapter

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