Friday, 28 June 2013

PHOTO NEWS: SPN Activists at Oshodi

On Saturday June 22, members of Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) Lagos state chapter were at the popular Oshodi market to interact with working people on the political and economic alternative the party offers to the ACN and other pro-establishment parties, and thereby ask them to join the SPN.  

A stall was set with the Party Manifesto and Constitution and a special leaflet which is critical of Lagos/ACN government and provides socialist alternative. SPN Members also moved to different motor parks and bus stops at the market with the manifesto and leaflet.  About 1,500 copies of the leaflet were circulated. Remarkably, two female traders bought the manifesto. Some people put down their name to join the party while some promised to contact us after reading the leaflet.  Some also visited the stall to enquire about the party. 

However, as we were about to round off the activities, the operatives of KAI, a paramilitary agency apparently set up to harass poor traders in Lagos, came to ask us to close the stall arguing that we did not get permission from them before setting the stall. We challenged their authority. But they did not wait to see us obeying their “order” as they left hurriedly to pounce on a poor bread hawker.  As we were leaving we saw them shamelessly hoarding loaves of bread under the table of a newspaper vendor.  

Making Enquiry about the materials and the party

He became a contact

Circulating leaflets to BRT bus passengers

She bought the Manifesto


  1. I love this: How can i be a member. i live in Abuja.

    Am a graduate of Computer Science (2008).



    1. Hi Yusuf,

      Thanks for your interest in the Socialist Party of Nigeria. you can follow this link on how to join the party.