Wednesday, 20 May 2015



Press Statement

The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) Ogun State Chapter condemns unequivocally the current attempt by the Ogun state government, through its Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, to exploit the people of the state by imposing on them a house numbering levy of One Thousand and One Hundred naira (N1, 100:00). The ministry claims that this would enable it affix new house number plate.

The SPN demands a total stop to further collection of this provocative fee and a refund to those that have paid. The new house number plate should affixed at no cost to the house owners. We also demand that the government should embark on the provision of mass housing which is affordable for the poor and working masses.
The Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs is carrying out the harassment of house owners in Odogbolu local government area of the state conjunction with NEXUS Properties, a private firm. Nexus Properties, apparently a front of, or crony to government officials, is one of the consultants purportedly recruited by the Ogun State Ministry of Local Government and Chieftaincy Affairs, for the house numbering project exercise. The firm through a letter from the ministry’s Permanent Secretary with Reference No.LGP 389/110 dated 31st January, 2013, is demanding the payment of N1100 house numbering charge within seven days! Other private firms are carrying out the same exercise in the other parts of the state.

This act has again shown how insensitive this government is. Incidentally, this is coming few weeks after the people voted the APC government of Ibikunle Amosun for a second term in office. For the record, we in the SPN are not averse to numbering of houses, in fact we support it. But, we are totally against ceding government duties to profiteers posing as consultants, who exploit the citizens, in quest for profits at the expense of the people. This explains why under this unjust capitalist system, the majority would continuously be denied the basic needs of life as the pro-capitalist government only robs the poor to pay the rich. 

This profit first motive of the government to satisfy few rich, as against the needs of the majority has been the bane of development across the country in all facets. 

The government, at all levels, should embark on construction of affordable mass housing scheme for all, rather than seeking rents. But this would be mere dreams under this government committed to the profits of the few rich. To reverse this trend, there is need for a working people political alternative that would harness society’s abundant resources to provide free education, affordable housing, functioning health care, transportation etc, as against this unjust capitalist government hell bent on making life difficult for the majority to satisfy few rich individuals. The SPN represents a step in this direction as a striking example of working people political alternative, we call on workers, farmers, market men and women, artisans etc, to join hands and help build it in their various communities.

Eko John Nicholas
Secretary, SPN Ogun State

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