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*Only a Government with socialist programme is capable of uplifting the living condition of the working people

February 16, 2018

Press Statement

The Socialist party of Nigeria (SPN) Oyo State Chapter holds that the ongoing effort by some political parties in the state to form a coalition with a sole purpose of dislodging the inglorious regime of the APC-led government cannot guarantee improvement in conditions of the masses in the state.

As much as we of SPN agree that Ajimobi-led government is a monumental failure and if possible deserves to be removed even before 2019, we disagree with any false impression that the replacement of APC-led regime with another section of anti-poor politicians and the defender of capitalist order will promote the yearnings and aspiration of the working people in the state.

This is because all of these political parties which include Alliance for Democracy, AD; labour Party, LP, Unity Party of Nigeria, UPN and 18 others are in total agreement with the same anti-poor neo-liberal, capitalist philosophy of exploitation and corruption which is the main reason Senator Abiola Ajimobi-led regime like the past government formed by both the PDP and even the same AD have failed to meet the needs of workers and the poor masses in the state.

We equally observed that all the notable capitalist politicians currently driving the process of the coalition are disgruntled individuals who are known with records and character of junketing from one anti-poor political party to another with a motive to position themselves at where their self-serving interest of looting and stealing of public treasures will always be guaranteed and actualised.
 It is our believe in SPN that only government with a socialist programme in which the needs of the masses form the basis of governance and policies side by side with democratic control of the resources of the state by the elected representatives of workers and the poor masses can uplift the conditions of the working people and guarantee sustainable infrastructure developments.

Such a socialist programme will include the need to place all political office holders on salary and allowance that will be equivalent to the salaries and wages of the civil servants which often calculated on the basis of national minimum wage act. Billions of public money that often awarded to Governor on monthly basis under the guise of security votes without room for public accountability will be subjected to use on important areas of needs of the general public like education, health, food security, infrastructural development among others. Contract system through which public money often awarded to members of the capitalist class who often masquerade as contractors will also be abolished in favour of public work system under the democratic control and management of the committee of representatives’ workers and community people.

Except Senator Ajimobi-led regime is replaced with a government that is committed to the implementation of such socialist programme which SPN is committed to implement if it gets to power, any coalition of political parties that subscribe to capitalist philosophy of running the society will end up compounding the woe of the working people if such a coalition replaces Senator Ajimobi-led regime of despotism come 2019.

    Abiodun Bamigboye (Abbey Trotsky)
Secretary, SPN, Oyo State Chapter

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