Monday, 11 June 2018

SPN Members Hold Meetings, Mobililsation in Communities

The SPN members in Egan/Igando Lagos over the weekend embarked on the mobilization of the people in the community to a public symposium being organised by the party on Sunday June 17 in the community. Over 800 copies of leaflet were distributed, and  people, who are aggreived at the failure of governments and the state of the nation in general, engaged us asking questions on a better alternative. They also promised to be in attendance.

In Koye Oke a community in Ifo Local Government Ogun State  the general meeting of the party was held where unit leadership was elected

In Osun, the state Chapter of the SPN will hold a public symposium tommorrow June 12 in Osogbo with the theme: Coming Elections: Which Way Forward for Workers, Pensioners Youth and the Poor?. The gubernatorial election will be held in the state in September.   

Egan/Igando Lagos

Koye Oke Ifo LGA Ogun State


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