Saturday, 10 February 2018

SPN Commences Sensitization Activities in Communities

Hitting the ground running is how best to describe the activities of the Socialist Party of Nigeria since January 15 when the party formally collected its certificate of registration. On social media and in communities the party has embarked on discussion as well as efforts on membership drive of and build the party as a working people. Though not yet thronged by a mass of people, this is expected at this stage anyway, the party has been attracting, across the length and breadth of the country, individuals and groups who are change-seeking and desirous of building a better Nigeria.  The next phase is to organize these diverse individuals and groups as the builders of the party at wards, local councils and states across the country on the basis of the party program. However, where the party already has a presence there is immediate need for entrenchment. 

On that account, between Saturday Feb 3 and Sunday Feb 4, different forms of activities towards building of the party were held in Lagos, Osun and Oyo states. In Lagos, a flier of the party sensitizing the public on the program of party and asking the masses to join us were circulated in Abule-Egba, Okokomaiko and Ajegunle. 
Abule-Egba Lagos

In Abule Egba, party members embarked on sensitization activities in the community. Remarkably, a young woman came back to our stand some minutes after apparently having read the flier handed to her to demand more copies for circulation her in neighborhood. There was also an elderly man who spent about 40 minutes at our stand for discussion on the party. He believes that solution to Nigerian problem is a bloodless revolution and agreed to join the party. Of course, taking over power or winning offices and implementing the program of the party will set the country on the path of a social revolution.  

Abule-Egba Lagos

Similar sensitization activities took place at Okokomaiko where party members are currently helping organize campaign against police brutality sparked by the killing of one person by the police. This weekend a public meeting will be held to discuss the need for masses to join and build the SPN as well as the campaign on police brutality.   

In Ajegunle, the first meeting of the party in community was held at which a 4-person protem leadership was elected. Chinedu Bosah, National Secretary of the party was in attendance. 

Ajegunle Lagos

It should be recalled that the formation of the SPN was initiated by the DSM with support of some working class and youth activists. The registration of the party was achieved not on a silver’s platter but through political and legal struggles waged by the DSM members and supporters.  So the members of DSM have tasked themselves with mobilizing other change seeking elements to build the party as a true party of the working masses and the poor.

On that account, on Saturday in Osogbo a joint conference of DSM branches in Osun and Ondo was held to discuss how to recruit members into the SPN, set up structure of the party at ward and local government in two states and build the SPN as a party that truly represents the interests and aspiration of workers, youths and the masses. 
Osogbo Osun State

On Sunday similar meeting with the same agenda was held in Ibadan where representatives of DSM branches in Oyo state as well as Ilorin Kwara state were in attendance. SPN membership drive flier and Membership forms were shared at the both meetings, attended by Dagga Tolar, DSM Acting General Secretary, for distribution by comrades at their different areas. Also a struggle fund of N100,000 was launched separately at both states to finance some immediate activities  towards the building of the party. 

Ibadan Oyo State
Earlier, Osun state chapter had posted posters highlighting what the party stands for in strategic areas in Osogbo and Ile-ife. 

Similar meeting had been earlier held on Saturday January 27 in Lagos with representatives of branches in the state as well as Ogun. It was at the meeting that public activities held on February 3 were agreed. The meeting also proposed that the Lagos state meeting of the party be held on Saturday February 25.  


In Abuja a meeting, the third one since the collection of the certificate, was held on Sunday February 4.

The secretariat of the party is already working towards stimulating the party functions at different states we have had members. We however urge members to begin practical steps of organizing and building where they are at least two.  To rescue Nigeria from the shackle of the thieving capitalist ruling elite, as we have set out to achieve, our correct idea and program has to be matched with a formidable organization. 

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