Thursday, 8 February 2018


The Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) calls on all Nigerians who are fed up with the failures of the APC, PDP and other anti-poor parties and want a genuine and real change to join it en-masse. Unlike the APC, PDP and other ruling parties that stand for the interests of the privileged few, the SPN stands for the interests of workers, youth, farmers, artisans, unemployed and the downtrodden. Therefore if you want a genuine alternative, join the SPN and begin to build the party at your neighborhood, ward, local government area and state.


To join the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) is very simple. Just take the following steps:

1.  You can get membership form at SPN branch/state chapter nearest to you. Call any of the following numbers of party officials at the national secretariat (08098284000 and 07033697259) to get the contact of SPN officials in your area or state.

2. You can also download a membership form of the SPN on or send your e-mail address to any of the above numbers. Fill it and send it to Your submission will be acknowledged immediately and you will be issued a membership card afterwards at your branch or the state secretariat.

3. The form is free. However as a member, you are expected to pay a monthly membership fee/due (Student/Unemployed is minimum of N100 while it is a minimum of N200 for workers) subject to regular review by NEC. This together with regular fund raising, is your financial contribution to the growth of the party.


Ø  SPN is a party of workers, the youth and the poor masses
Ø  No money-bags and no god fathers. SPN is owned by all members and every member is a financier of the party through their monthly membership subscription and special donations/contributions.
Ø  Your voice counts. SPN is fully democratic and all party decisions are taken after thorough discussions at all levels of the party starting from the ward.
Ø  All public office holders elected on the platform of the SPN shall receive the salary of a skilled worker while the remainder shall be donated to the party to aid the struggles of workers, students, youth and community people. SPN does not believe that politicians should earn more than those they represent.
Ø  SPN is not just an electoral machine. It is also a party of struggle. SPN shall support the daily struggles of workers, artisans, youth, students and the oppressed masses everywhere and everytime they break out because political power can either be won at the ballot box as well as at the barricade.



(1)  Free and functional education and healthcare at all levels
(3)  Massive job creation to absorb the army of the unemployed
(4)  Prompt payment of workers salary and the implementation of a living wage for all categories of workers
(5)  Prompt payment of adequate pension and benefits for the unemployed
(6)  Immediate crash public programme to fix all public infrastructures across the country
(7)  Immediate action plan to end homelessness through the building of affordable housing estates across the country.
(8)  A public plan to assist artisans, traders and small and medium scale business owners through regular financial aid and favorable progressive taxation policy.
(9) Immediate and comprehensive plan to modernize agriculture,  ensure massive public investment and assistance to small crop and livestock farmers in order to guarantee food security and also end farmer-herder clashes. 
(10)  Reversal of the privatization of the power sector. Immediate renationalization of the power sector under democratic control of workers and consumers; and emergency crash public programme to ensure improved power supply across the country
(11)  Immediate reduction in pump price of fuel products and an emergency plan to break the powers of the powerful oil cabals/cartels by nationalizing the oil industry under public democratic management and immediate repair of all existing refineries and building of new ones.
(12) Immediate recall/freedom for all politically persecuted persons across the country whether they are student activists, workers activists or self-determination agitators.
(13)  SPN shall put an end to ethno-religious crises by building a just and egalitarian Nigeria under which the democratic rights of all people including ethnic and religious minorities will be respected including their right to determine their own fate.
(14)  An all-inclusive and transparent anti-corruption programme that will begin from the reduction of the salaries and allowances of political office holders to the average wage of a skilled worker. We will also ensure that looters are prosecuted and all their ill-gotten wealth seized.
(15)  In accordance with Chapter 11, Section 16, subsection (2) (c) of the 1999 constitution that states that the economic system should not be “operated in such a manner as to permit the concentration of wealth or the means of production and exchange in the hands of few individuals or of a group”, the SPN shall place the key sectors of Nigeria's economy under collective ownership and democratic management in order to end inequality and the enrichment of a few at the expense of the mass majority.

National Secretariat: 42, Adetokunbo Ademola Street, Wuse 2, Abuja. Lagos Annex: 49, Charity Road, New Oko-Oba, Abule Egba, Lagos State. Call 08053045953, 07033775517
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