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A society that cannot protect the many who are poor cannot also guarantee the security of the few who are rich. It is irresponsible of government to toy with the lives of Nigerians due to negligence and lack of political will. The fact is that the Nigerian army and police cannot exonerate themselves totally from the recent abduction and release of Dapchi girls. Also, President Muhammadu Buhari and his government  should not expect the masses to begin to shower praises on them because the abduction could be avoided by the Federal Government. It is a total negligence and breach of security apparatus by the state.

From the information we gathered through the Amnesty International on the 19th of March 2018, “Nigerian security forces ignored advance warnings that a convoy of Boko Haram fighters was headed for Dapchi, Yobe State, where the sect abducted 110 schoolgirls on 19 February. The claim was made in a statement released by AI on Monday. The organization said the claim was based on an investigation it conducted” the statement quoted Mrs. Osai Ojigho, AI’s Nigeria Director.

We must acknowledge that the villagers and other residents in Dapchi due to their experience on chaos and commotion have devised means of survival by having some contacts of the military and police who will come to their rescue in case of any suspicious movement or attack. At the early hours of February 19, 2018, when abductors were gathering to unleash terror on the students of Government Science and Technology College, Dapchi, the residents reportedly made some calls to the nearest military base and police station in order to prevent the ugly occurrence. So if this is true, it is baffling that security agents were absent at the scene for several hours spent by the abductors in that school. They took their time to select and marched 110 school girls into their vehicles without any resistance.  

More so, the abductors moved freely in convoy along the roads in Yobe State to their destination without any form of challenge or interference from the security agents. Although, the federal government was relatively quicker than the previous administration in acknowledging the abduction of the students to an unknown destination and promising to get them back soonest through negotiation.  Then, how long do we continue to negotiate and lavish state money and resources meant for the welfare of the citizens? 

The Federal Government ought to have learnt from the abduction of Chibok girls that female students are soft targets of the abductors. They are supposed to have provided maximum security in all our schools especially girls’ schools as a preventive measure rather than the corrective measure usually adopted by the government.

It is amazing to hear from the Minister of information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed that they secured the release of the girls through negotiation and the abductors agreed to bring the girls and they brought 104 girls out of 110. The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) quoted the girls as saying that “five of their school mates died on the day they were abducted” and the Federal Government is not seriously concerned about it as if our lives are meaningless but continued to drum and dance on their victory aimed at scoring cheap political marks.

Alhaji Lai Mohammed said on the 21st of March 2018: “The girls were released unconditionally; no money changed hands. They only gave one condition –  that they would return them (the girls) to where they picked them from. So in the early hours of today (yesterday), they did return the girls and most of them went to their parents’ homes.”

In view of the above, the Socialist Party of Nigeria demands as follows:

·         Immediate rescue of Leah Sharibu, one of the Dapchi girls who was retained by the Boko Haram based on her religious believe.
·         Immediate rescue of remaining Chibok girls and all captives of Boko Haram    
·         Immediate compensation of families of the girls who lost their lives in the hands of the abductors
·         The federal government should provide adequate security in our schools especially in the troubled regions so as to prevent further abduction of our students.
·         Security agents should always respond promptly to distress calls in order to avert incessant abduction and further attacks on Nigerians.
·         Federal government should always investigate any attacks on Nigerians to a reasonable conclusion to avert frivolous attacks and ransom request.
·         Introduction of democratically controlled community defence apparatus to combat crimes at all times
·         Provision of adequate remuneration for our security agents in order boost their morale so as to fight valiantly in the defence of our Nation.
·         Provision of all necessary arms and equipment capable of restraining and paralyzing all existing insurgence in the country within the shortest time possible.

The Socialist Party of Nigeria is calling the working peoples and youth to join the party in order to jointly drive a socialist alternative to rescue Nigeria from the prevalent dangers and more importantly anti-poor capitalist policies and program that breed and nourish the dangers. We would provide adequate security for lives and properties of average Nigerians. All ministers, senators, members of House of Representatives including governors and President would be mandated to enroll their children in Nigerian schools so that not only that security issues would not be taken with insouciance but also adequate funding of public education is guaranteed.

Com. M.K Shoyombo
Publicity Secretary
SPN Lagos State

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