Sunday, 5 August 2018

Osun Guber Election: Appeal for Financial Support

Comrades, friends and compatriots, the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) is contesting the Osun state gubernatorial elections coming up September 22 with comrade Alfred Adegoke. The aim of this campaign is to offer a genuine alternative to workers and the poor masses in Osun against moneybags politicians of PDP, APC SDP and ADC. Alfred Adegoke is a lawyer, socialist and longstanding activist in Osun state and Nigeria. He is the best bet for workers and poor people in Osun state who have suffered terribly under the different AD, PDP and APC governments in the state. At the moment, workers and retirees in Osun state are being owed several months of salary and pensions.

If we do not want a repeat of the Ekiti elections where voters chose between two evils, then we had better backed and helped build the widest possible support for Alfred Adegoke and the SPN. We are raising a sum of 2million naira to conduct campaigns before Sept 22. Our budget is low because we do not plan to buy votes or pay thugs. Instead, we are campaigning on issues and reaching out to different segments of society with our message.

We need this amount to get our campaign materials posted and circulated in all nooks and crannies of the state and to organise town halls and door knocking on every streets! Our campaign rests on the working and poor people because our government, if elected, is to serve the working and toiling people.  All political office holders in SPN government will be on workers salary. Please support us! Acct name: Socialist Party of Nigeria, 1015587065. Zenith bank. Every kobo counts and we shall do public accounting of how monies donated were spent. Thanks as you support with the little you can. Nigeria can be better if we fight for it!

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