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The candidate of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) for Ogun State House of Assembly, Ifo constituency II, Comrade Hassan Taiwo Soweto, has welcomed the cosmetic grading of some roads at Olambe, Matogbun, Adiyan and Oke-Aro axis of the constituency by the APM and PDP but called on the people not to be deceived because the action is no more than a political stunt by failed anti-poor capitalist politicians to deceive the people once again. 

According to the candidate, “For so many years, the Governor Ibikunle Amosun-led APC State government and the incumbent lawmaker for Ifo constituency II, who is now seeking re-election on the platform of the APM, failed the people in the area of provision of good roads and other basic public infrastructures. The incumbent honourable not only failed to mount a stout campaign within the Assembly chambers to bring development to Ifo despite formerly being in the same party with the state governor, he also did nothing to ensure periodic maintenance of the roads especially during raining season. Rather this became the responsibility of the CDAs and CDCs. It is now the same person and his new party – the APM - who are now behaving as if they actually love the people. I urge our people not to fall for this cheap trick”.

Comrade Hassan Taiwo Soweto reminded the people that out of all the candidates for Ifo II, he is the only one who has been campaigning seriously on the issue of the bad condition of roads and other public infrastructures in the constituency and this must have been the reason for the cosmetic grading by the APM and PDP. 

“Since our campaign started and in our tour of the constituency over the past few months, we have successfully made the issue of the poor condition of roads, public schools and health care topical issues. At every community we went to, we clearly articulated how we intended to utilize our powers as a lawmaker, if elected, to fight for solutions to these problems. So far, the response we have gotten from the people of Ifo is very clear and it is that come March 2 2019, they will only vote for a candidate and party they are sure will not abandon them again. Infact during our flag-off rally on December 15, 2018, an old woman at Matogbun declared publicly that she was ready to march with us to Oke Mosan in protest over the bad condition of roads. It is this kind of strong and passionate response from the people of Ifo towards the issue of roads and other public infrastructures that our campaign is raising that must be responsible for this hasty and cosmetic grading by the APM and PDP so that they can also be seen by the people as parties that are genuinely interested in development and people’s welfare. Meanwhile it is a lie. Therefore, our people must consider that if our campaign could force the APM and PDP to hastily grade the roads then we can actually achieve so much more if elected to represent the constituency”.

Speaking further, Comrade Hassan Taiwo Soweto called on the people to use the forthcoming election to teach cash and carry politicians a lesson through a protest vote against all anti-poor political parties and candidates that are responsible for the abject conditions in the constituency. 

He also said that “only the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) has a workable manifesto to fight for provision of basic infrastructures in the constituency because we believe that the wealth of Ogun State can ensure this is done if such wealth is judiciously utilized without waste and stealing. This is why I intend to advocate for an end to the fraudulent contract system under which billions are routinely stolen by corrupt politicians and contractors. Instead, all construction works must be carried out by a revamped and democratically-managed public works department under which more can be achieved in terms of provision of public infrastructures. Therefore, my primary mission is to go into the Ogun State House of Assembly to build a movement to fight for development for Ifo II. To achieve this, I will utilize all the powers of a lawmaker to make a case before the Assembly for development to come to Ifo II. However and especially where this fails, I as a socialist legislator shall also be ready to lead protest marches and demonstration until government listens to our cry. I shall also serve as a bold voice for workers, students, youth, artisans, traders, farmers and the poor masses not only across the length and breadth of Ogun State but the country in general”.


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