Friday, 4 January 2019

2019 Elections: SPN Begins "House to House" Campaign in Ajegunle

Members and supporters of the Socialist Party of Nigeria (SPN) led by Comrade Moshood Oshunfunrewa, the party's Candidate for Lagos House of Assembly representing Ajeromi Ifelodun, took active participation in the door to door, house to house campaign initiated by SPN Ajegunle on Saturday 29/12/2018. At Aiyetoro (an annex in Ajegunle), at least three streets and thirty compounds were covered. Hundreds of the campaign leaflet were circulated. 

For socialists, the House to House campaign is a medium of not only reaching out but talking to people directly that make up the working masses. To have a close relationship with the mass in the community, on their perception about politics and largely, and what must be done.
There were huge dissatisfaction among residents in the community over the disappointment of the failed policies of APC, PDP etc. However, SPN supporters were able to convince residents about the difference between SPN and big anti-poor political parties, who since 1999 have unleashed attacks on the masses. 

Most of the people who collected the leaflets expressed anger over what the ruling parties have done including the failure to provide social welfare in the community. That when election is at the corner, "politicians" will come around to seek for their vote. But supporters of SPN engaged most of these questions by explaining how the SPN is far different. 

We explained that the SPN is a party formed by the working masses like them and asked them to join us as working people to begin to challenge the anti-poor capitalist policies and programme of the APC, PDP etc responsible to the rise of poverty, suffering and most worrisome, the incessant killings in the community caused by failed policies; failing to provide free social welfare and services. 

A woman (in one of the compounds at Jibowu Street) said: after we vote for you people, we will not see the elected officers again. They will relocate away from the community as the usual politicians do, far from us the masses to high places like Abuja, Lekki etc we the poor are not able to reach them. She added, "I don't want waste my vote". 

She expressed this out of the past election where "politicians" of the ruling parties came with empty promises, without doing the needful. We explained that the SPN is not a pro-rich party whose programme is to implement capitalist policies that impoverish the masses.

To convince the old woman, a part in the campaign leaflet of what the SPN stands for was read out loudly to her. The same thing was done to other residents in the community who are living in the cluster of poverty, who immediately indicated interest to join the party. 

One Mr. Sunday who spoke bitterly about his experience about how the APC, has roughly used people like him in the past said. "anything party I don't want to be part". Sadly, "all parties are the same". But after much discussion with him and going through the leaflets. His tune altered especially when reading the areas of what SPN is all about. 
A woman wanted to know whether the SPN,  " is not a place where people fighting because of what most political parties are now doing".  She probably asked this because she wanted to know whether the Socialist Party of Nigeria is a place for people like her. 

In the outing, a lot of people who had seen the faces of the organization: DSM, APM, ERC involved largely in the community struggles like police brutality, incessant killings etc and the electricity campaign currently going on, register huge sympathy for SPN. However, they were encouraged to join the party. 

It is not only to show "sympathy" but join the party for us as working people to ultimately wrest power, and have in place a socialist planned society. Without this, the ruling parties of APC, PDP etc will continue to enslave the poor.

After much discussion with people in Yoruba, Pidgin and English languages to communicate, twenty-six (26) persons of old and young especially women who are artisans, food vendors etc indicated interest to join the party. Not only join but to know more about SPN.

Davy Fidel
Ajeremi Ifelodun SPN

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