Monday, 21 January 2019

2019 Elections: SPN Ajegunle canvases support of ENL/Terminal dockworkers

Comrade Moshood Oshufurewa SPN candidate addressing the workers
On Saturday January 19 over 50 sacked workers under the auspices of the ENL/Terminal Dock Workers Forum  gathered at the Nigeria Union of Teachers hall at Oregie Oja, Ajegunle to review their struggle against the management of ENL, a maritime company, and advance the way forward.
On Wednesday 23 January, 2019  the first hearing of the 688 Dock workers versus ENL case will come up. 
Members of SPN and DSM in Ajegunle have been supporting the workers with various  solidarity actions since the struggle started.
Gerard (leader of the group) address its members on the three years struggle they have been into since March, 2016.

According to Gerard, the management has recently filed  its  defence to the Industrial Court over this matter. In addition, he reported the new Collective Bargaining Agreement signed and published in This Day December 21, 2018.
The SPN candidate for Lagos House of Assembly representing Ajeromi-Ifelodun 2 comrade Moshood was given the audience by the workers.  He spoke on the need to support SPN electorally and also why workers should join the party to collectively build it as a working people political alternative.
Coming together as working people is a  fundamental step towards  wresting power from the hands of the capitalist elites which are responsible for the privatization of the Nigerian Sea Port and the economic at large inflicting hardship on people.
Other members of SPN  including Dagga Tolar who were also at the meeting spoke and encouraged the workers to join SPN. Not only as members but to give active support to put an end on the rise of poverty, suffering and hunger under the system of inequality.
Dagga Tolar addressing the workers
The new SPN flyer with the campaign program  was also circulated in the meeting . 
The meeting was use as an opportunity to invite all the dock workers to attend the SPN Declaration/Kick off Rally that was to take place the following day Sunday 20/1/2019.
SPN calls on all workers, artisans, traders, youths and the masses in Ajegunle and beyond  to support the party's activities and join the in order to build the Socialist Party of Nigeria as a mass fighting party on a socialist program to end the iniquitous capitalist system and build a better society.
Join DSM to build SPN. Socialist Change is possible.
Davynovich Fidel

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