Friday, 4 January 2019

Abuja Muncipal Election: SPN Reaches out to Jikwoyi Youth

On December 23, 2018  the SPN Karu Ward Campaign took a very dynamic way as the youth of Jikwoyi Community called us to a meeting and giving us their total support in the forthcoming election.

The youth of Jikwoyi community are most passionate about their inclusiveness if SPN is elected in the coming election and how we can collectively lead a struggle against estimated/crazy billing, black-out etc. Furthermore, we are committed to bringing back the planned primary school in Jikwoyi phase 4 community. A primary school was planned alongside the community cemetery in the Jikwoyi phase 4 but the school till date has not been constructed, the planned (school) site alongside the cemetery has been sold out to the private individuals while the pupils of Jikwoyi phase 4 community have to go trekking miles in order to attain public education.

However, we hereby call on everybody socialist or not socialist, activist or not living in Abuja and beyond to join SPN and together let’s build a working government where political office holders will not be seen as the next to God but where our political office holders also live in the same community where the electors live, earn salary that the average working class earn, lead the struggle to end capitalism.

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